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    What does the error mean?

    Your eReader has probably been authorized to a foreign ID. Try de-authorizing and re-authorizing it through Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

    How do I fix the error?

    Open ADE and connect the eReader. Select (click) eReader in the bar on the left below the library, then CTRL. SHIFT and E at the same time. Then disconnect the eReader from the PC and close ADE.

    Then open ADE again and reconnect the eReader, then you should be asked for authorization. Then do this to the eMail address (your Adobe Digital Edition user information) that you registered the e-books to. You would need to add the e-books all back into ADE for the first time, and then transfer them to the eReader again from there.


    Error: Server Timeout or Download Reset


    What does the error mean?

    The error is usually in the browser settings or the Internet connection.

    How do I fix the error?

    The error could have several causes. Please contact your internet provider.




    What does the error mean?

    There is a problem with the Web Service URL.

    How do I fix the error?

    Please contact our support.


    Error: E_AUTH_FAILED


    What does the error mean?

    This error occurs when your Adobe ID or password is incorrect.

    How do I fix the error?

    Go to: to retrieve your credentials. If the error cannot be resolved, you will need to create a new Adobe ID.




    What does the error mean?

    The error can have the following three causes:

    Incorrect time setting
    Incorrect date setting
    Incorrect time zone

    When you download an e-book, the e-book is provided with time information from the Adobe server. Now when you open the e-book with Adobe, this time information is compared with that of your current system. If the system has incorrect date / time settings, the Adobe registration server will refuse to register and you will not be able to read the e-book.

    How do I fix the error?

    Check the time settings of your computer.


    Error: Code #2083: License Error (Server Communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO)


    What does the error mean?

    The error is caused by your firewall settings denying Adobe Digital Editions to download.

    How do I fix the error?

    If you receive this error message while trying to open one of your e-books with Adobe Digital Editions, you should check your firewall settings and make sure that the default port 80 is used and open. For more detailed instructions, visit your firewall provider's website.




    What does the error mean?

    Using different Adobe IDs causes this error.
    This message appears when you try to open a book with a foreign Adobe ID Example: you assign a new Adobe ID on your eReader and try to use your old Adobe ID to download books to your eReader.

    How do I fix the error?

    Select "Settings" / "Adobe ID Activation". Enter the Adobe ID and matching password under which you registered the e-book. So if you used Adobe Digital Editions on your PC to download the e-book to the eReader, you should also use the Adobe ID from Adobe Digital Editions on your eReader.


    Error: #2038


    What does the error mean?

    Adobe Digital Editions cannot connect to Adobe servers.

    How do I fix the error?

    Check your Internet connection and firewall settings. Make sure that you can connect to the Internet through port 80. If you are using a firewall, please ensure that the permissions for Adobe Digital Editions are set correctly.




    What does this error mean?

    This error occurs when your authorization information has been corrupted.

    How do I fix the error?

    Please follow the instructions below:

    or contact Adobe Support:

    Error message: no search results matching your search query ... were found.

    Please make sure that you copy the link into the address bar of your browser and not into the Google search bar. Also, make sure there is no space before the address.




    Yes, you can reauthorize at any time using the Authorize Computer menu option in Adobe Digital Editions.

    It is possible to copy DRM-protected e-books to other devices, for example, as an email attachment or via USB memory stick. However, you can open these e-books on the other devices only if you are logged in to Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID. Other people cannot open/read the e-books.

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection is used by book publishers to protect against piracy.
    However, using Adobe Digital Editions software and your Adobe ID, you can read your e-books on multiple computers or devices. To do this, you must sign in with your Adobe ID on each device to ensure that you are the rightful owner of that e-book. You can sign in with your Adobe ID on a maximum of six devices (PCs, e-book readers, tablets, smartphones, and so on).

    If you decline to register with Adobe, your digital content is not associated with your personal account, but with the device you use to download the e-book. This prevents you from backing up or transferring your e-books to other devices, such as your e-book reader.
    At, click "LOGIN" in the upper right corner if you don't already have an Adobe ID. Select the option "Not a member yet? Create an Adobe ID" to register your personal Adobe ID free of charge.

    If your reader has Internet access, you can download e-books directly from our store to your reader.
    To copy e-books from your computer to your e-reader, you must authorize your e-reader with the same Adobe ID that you registered on your computer. To do this, open the Adobe Digital Editions program and connect your e-reader to your computer.

    Adobe Digital Editions recognizes your e-reader and now asks you if you want to authorize your device with your computer's Adobe ID. Confirm this.

    Now your computer and e-reader are authorized with the same Adobe ID, and you can easily transfer protected media from your computer to your e-reader.

    Open the Adobe Digital Editions application. The Library view shows you the loaded e-books as covers or in list view. To open them, just double-click them.

    If you want to open an e-book with Adobe DRM, yes. You can open DRM-protected e-books only with Adobe Digital Editions or a similar product.

    Because of DRM protection, you are not allowed to print the e-books, copy them to other computers via a USB stick, or send them via email. However, with Adobe Digital Editions, you can read your e-books on up to six different devices.

    Check that you have properly authorized the device. You can read a downloaded e-book on up to six devices with your Adobe ID. Opening and reading on a seventh device is no longer possible.

    DRM-protected e-books cannot be read in any PDF or EPUB reader. You need a program that can open and display DRM-protected books. On a PC or notebook, use Adobe Digital Editions, which you can download from the Adobe website. For use on the tablet and smartphone, there is the option to switch to reading software from Bluefire, for example. This is available free of charge from the App Store / Play Store.

    Adobe provides a solution at the following link:

    Once you have exceeded six activations, you will need to contact Adobe directly to request a reset of your Adobe ID:

    Then complete the following steps:

    On the right side of the page, click on "Submit a web case".
    Log in with your Adobe ID
    At the bottom you will now find "Choose issue type". Select "Using a Product or Service".
    Now select "Additional Products
    Select "Adobe Digital Editions

    Now the support form will open. As "Brief Description" enter: "Please reset my Adobe ID" and under "Please describe your issue" type in the reason for your request.

    You need e-book reader software if you want to read an e-book on a tablet or smartphone. For example, download the Bluefire Reader from your app store to your device. Then download the book. You can download e-books that you have purchased on via the link in your user account. Open the e-book with the e-book reader software.

    If you use an iPad/iPod or an older iPhone, transferring data via iTunes is the right way. This is described here:

    In this case you also need e-book reader software. The link to the reading program Bluefire Reader for Apple:

    The link to the reading program Bluefire Reader for Android:

    If you want to read your e-book on a PC or Mac, you also need a reading program.
    We recommend Adobe Digital Editions:

    Adobe Digital Editions is currently compatible with the following Windows operating systems:

    Microsoft Windows 11
    Microsoft Windows 10
    Microsoft Windows 7
    Microsoft Windows Vista
    Microsoft Windows XP


    Mac OS X v10.8 or later

    Please note:
    Linux operating systems are not currently compatible with Adobe software.
    Apple "iPhone" and "iPad" devices may also experience issues.
    Supported devices and applications for mobile devices ("apps") can be found at:

    "I don't get an e-book but always a file with the name: URL.acsm" Or: "My e-book is only 1.5 kB in size" When you buy a DRM-protected title, you initially don't get the e-book itself, but a file with the extension .acsm. This file contains instructions for the Adobe Digital Editions program, which will download and manage your protected books. Install the Adobe Digital Editions program, which you can download for free from the Adobe website, and open the .acsm file with this software.

    You can buy e-books at any time of the day or night and start reading immediately. Whether at home or on vacation: e-books are immediately available worldwide. In just a few minutes you can buy and download an e-book onto your computer, e-reader, smartphone or tablet PC. The small file size means downloading is quick and storing thousands of books (for example on your e-reader) is no problem.

    You can search for text in e-books, insert notes, set bookmarks and much more. Prices are set by the publishers. As “products that reproduce or substitute books…”, e-books are subject to fixed prices (Section 2 Paragraph 1 BookPrG).

    Digital watermark

    A “digital watermark” gives the publisher the opportunity to detect unauthorized distribution of e-books on Internet file-sharing platforms. At the same time, a “digital watermark” is designed by the technology to ensure that you as a buyer/reader are not unnecessarily restricted in your use of the titles. This includes, for example, that you can transfer the e-book to any number of your reading devices. You can read e-books that are watermarked with any e-reader without restrictions, provided that it supports the format (.epub/.pdf) of the e-book.

    Do I need Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks with watermark protection?

    No. A normal PDF reader or software that can read EPUB files is sufficient.

    Adobe DRM

    The “Adobe DRM” system allows publishers to add rights to copyrighted e-books. This rights management controls whether you can print an e-book or how many devices you can copy an e-book to. To read e-books protected with Adobe DRM, you need Adobe Digital Editions software or other software that allows you to open e-books with Adobe DRM. Before purchasing a DRM e-book, please find out whether and how you can use the e-book on your reading device.

    The e-books on are all protected with watermarks. You don't need Adobe DRM to read.

    An e-book is a book in its digital form. In our shop we offer e-books in EPUB and PDF format. Both formats are international standards for e-books and have proven to be ideal for specialist books (PDF) and fiction/novels (EPUB). You can use e-books on almost all mobile devices that have software for “electronic reading” (e-book reader software). For our e-books you only need normal reading software without copy protection management. Our e-books are protected differently and very conveniently for you.

    Adobe Digital Editions is a program for reading e-books protected with Adobe DRM. It is provided free of charge by Adobe.

    The EPUB format is the standard format for e-books. E-books in EPUB format are optimized for use on mobile reading devices. They display dynamic content, meaning the flow of text automatically adapts to the screen size of the device.
    EPUB (acronym for electronic publication) is an open standard for e-books and is supported by most readers (examples: Tolino Vision, Tolino Shine, Kobo Aura, Bookeen Muse or Pocketbook Touch). You can use EPUB files from Kosmos without additional DRM programs, just like PDFs.

    PDF files are a platform-independent format for exchanging text and images. PDF formats are particularly common for specialist books.

    Adobe Digital Editions links your e-books to a specific computer. The Adobe ID is a user account with Adobe, the software manufacturer, that is created when you register online. Creating an Adobe ID is free and takes just a few minutes. Just provide a name, your country, and an email address. Only with an Adobe ID can you back up your e-books, copy your e-books to an e-reader or other devices. Create your Adobe ID when prompted to do so when you authorize your computer with Digital Editions, or directly from the Adobe website under "Your Account".

    You can download the e-book reader software free of charge from the Adobe website. You can find the current German version of "Adobe Digital Editions" at the following: ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS Download