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Support period

    We would like to keep spare parts for our products in stock as long as possible. Therefore, we offer the possibility to purchase spare parts up to 3 years after a product has been discontinued. However, we can only offer this service as long as we still have spare parts in stock. This service also applies to our digital products (e.g. apps). 

    In this case, a version change is not an expiry, except in the case of version changes that affect the game material, in which case we also offer 3 years support for the previous version. Again, as long as we have parts in stock. 

    For complaints or spare parts requests, after this period, we can only process requests if we still have parts in stock. 


    Often you can still purchase products from dealers that are still being sold outside our support period. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee support in this case and ask you to contact the dealer yourself and request a new product, if it is still in stock.